This, my first blog, is designed to introduce myself. My name is Alvin. The WordPress title “Alvins Corner” comes from a long line of middle names (Alvin not Corner) that go back many generations in my family. I am a retired police lieutenant. I was a police officer for 34 years. Being a police officer for so long has probably given me a little different view on the world. It has given me a lense to see things almost too clearly.  It has given me extreme empathy.

I’ll just give one example here, there may be others to follow later if I keep this blog up: Working a busy shift there was a call of a baby not breathing. Emergency units were all tied up (Paramedics/Ambulance). Police officers are dispatched. I did CPR on an infant with the child’s mother crying in anguish. As we were (my partner and me) making a decision to just run with the infant to the hospital an ambulance arrived and paramedics skillfully took over and transported the infant to the hospital. The child died.

At the end of this shift, I went home. It was about 8 am when I walked in the door of my house to see my wife rocking our own child. My son was about the same age as the one who died that night. My heart broke for the family that just lost their child. There is no time to think or philosophize about the cruelty and darkness in life. It’s about answering the call, cleaning it up as quickly as possible and get on to the next call. Being barraged by this kind of darkness for 34 years has a tendency to give one an all too real view of what life is and what life is not. Thanks to my family especially my wife who has endured my “pain in the ass” whining for over 30 years, I am relatively grounded and almost have an optimistic view of all the negative shit going on in the world.

I don’t know a lot of things. The world is too vast to know everything, yet there are people who think they know everything because they have an opinion. Opinions are not knowledge. I, like most people, have a lot of opinions. When the day came that I really realized I don’t know much, well that was the day I started finding my inner peace. I know how to ask critical questions, I’ve been trained to do so; what I’ve realized is how to apply those skills to formulate my own belief system and how to examine all of the chaos in the world critically. So, as I do that I find the general picture pretty bleak! But, that’s ok too because sometimes the depressing truth about things can actually be very liberating. I feel fortunate to have lived long enough to be in a good place right now.

Wow, there’s that word, “liberating” as in liberal or left wing nut job; or conservative as in right wing nut jobs. Who started this war in politics anyway. Was it the medias fault. As I watch this develop over the years it all has the appearance of a sandlot baseball game where we have reduced ourselves to picking sides. The only problem is there is no end to the game; the part where we all shake hands and go get a beer and bullshit about things that really don’t matter. The fight continues. Well, I’m telling you it has to stop! Here is a quote from It’s a quote I remember from a high school government class by our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln: America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

When I write about issues it is probably helpfully for the reader to know exactly where I am coming from. So, in general, here is my belief system: When it comes to politics I cannot sign on to: “my party right or wrong”. I am an independent American who believes strongly (in the theory) of what my country represents, not necessarily what’s going on today.

The tribal agenda has become insane and in a lot of cases really violates the rules of reason. Remember the quote from Abraham Lincoln. Let’s also remember George Washingtons warning about political parties (you can look that one up yourself). It sickens me to hear someone regurgitate and follow party dogma even when they know it cannot be true, but they must be true to the party. That’s the bullshit we are dealing with right now.

Where do I stand from a spiritual point of view? Well, my spirituality comes from my realistic view of the world. If I had to label it as most people seem to like to be labeled, I would have to say that I’m agnostic with Buddhist tendencies. I’m just going to leave it at that point. Don’t discuss religion with me. I view religion the same way I view sex: It is something that exists, but it is a very personal and private matter. Keep your religion out of my government and my government out of your religion.

So, my view on people in general: I don’t care about your politics, your religion or anything else that our society has chosen to tribalize you with; if you are a person who cares genuinely about other people, you do no harm and you pick your friends based on their kindness and can discuss issues civilly (especially with opposing viewpoints) then we can be friends.

This is my introductory blog. I thought it might help to know who I am when I write about topics and issues. I occupy my time by fishing, photography and writing. I read a lot and I admire the many authors that I have read; both fiction and non-fiction. I love to write; however, my only experience of writing are police reports. I was kind of the anomaly in my profession because I actually liked writing about investigations and incidents. It’s where I learned to keep it real.

As far as content goes: Well, I’m hoping to focus on puppies eating ice cream and adorable kittens, but I’m not afraid to discuss controversial issues either.

So, here we go! Thanks for reading.