Back on the Air

Well it’s been several months filled with activity that I could not have even imagined. My sister and I take care of our elderly parents. My dad will be 90 years old in July and my mother is 85. Most people my age who have parents that are elderly are usually dealing with older people who are infirmed. Well, not me, in fact my father is extremely health conscious, he takes no medication and he walks at least 2 miles a day. My mother is not quite as active, but she gets around pretty good.

My mom and dad have the ability to handle all of life’s daily chores. The only problem affecting both of them is a loss of hearing. My dad lost his hearing some time ago (he is a Korean War Veteran and he blames it mostly on artillery). My mom started loosing her hearing just a few years ago. (She had refused to admit that she was having a hearing problem, but recently consented to hearing aids).

So, the hearing issue is basically what has necessitated my sister and I to have to help them when it comes to doing business. Having been able to hear normally for most of their lives, they get extremely frustrated at doctor appointments and trying to deal with the cable company and just trying to do business in general. My dad discovered the “chat with a representative” box on the cable companies web site. This was the greatest thing ever invented he told me. I laughed quietly to myself as this is how people with hearing problems have been communicating for year. (TDD phone systems).

I live in Florida, my sister lives in Michigan. My mom and dad have a house in Florida and they live in a tiered facility in Michigan. (Independent, assisted and nursing care) They are currently in independent living. My dad still drives and seems pretty confident. He doesn’t drive at night though; he says there are too many drunks and stupid people out after dark.

During their 6 month stay at their house in Florida my dad decided the old house needed some sprucing up. He is correct! I don’t think they have done anything with the house in about 20 years.

The first item on the list was going to be new windows all the way around. The next item on the list was going to be to completely paint the outside of the house, as in his words: “it is looking pretty nasty”. (He’s right about that)

So, this is Florida! Nothing moves fast in Florida and finding someone such as a contractor or painter that will return our calls and show up when they say that will can be a challenge. These projects my dad wanted came with no exception! To make a long story short: The windows were ordered between Christmas and New Years and they were finally installed the second week in April. Now that’s not the end of the story on the windows. It is now June and after the original installation and inspection we found some defects in two of the windows. The window company very readily said they would replace the defective windows. Well, two months after installation the replacement windows came and while unwrapping them the installers found that one of them was broken. So, they said they would order a new one and it would take about 3 to 6 weeks for the replacement window to come in. “OH BOY”!

Now the painter; this is even a longer story, but suffice it to say that I think we have a paint contractor who is willing to take on the project in August.

So, mom a dad are back in Michigan and it gives Marie and I a little more time for ourselves. My sister is back with them and helping them with their doctor appointments, dentist etc.

Marie and I are spending some time now relaxing a bit; we are back to our daily walks, exercising at our fitness center and the best part of the day is hanging out at the pool. As long as the painter doesn’t call with problems, it should be a good summer.