Let’s Try This Again

Some time ago I thought it a good idea to begin a blog. My reasoning was simple; I find writing very therapeutic. I began to realize this as I moved through my career as a police officer. At the end of the day came it was time to write reports. I was kind of the anomaly to the profession as most officers were dreading the end of the day when they had to reduce all their activity to the written word. For me, it was a way to make sense out of the chaos that had taken place as I went from call to call. It forced me to re-hash the day’s events and put my own critic on how I handled things. I’m retired now, as I indicated in my introduction, and have been looking for a way to get back to writing my thoughts as a way for me to make sense of things.

So, as I began this blog back in May of 2018 I tried to assimilate my writing to the types of things I wrote about in the past. It quickly became apparent that the past was the past. I am a retiree living a completely different life now. What I was trying to write just didn’t feel right.

After being retired almost 6 years I’m beginning to discover my life has a different meaning. I’ve spent more time trying to establish an awareness of the present. The things I will learn will be the topics I will be trying to focus on. There may be an anecdotal police story thrown in from time to time, but for the most part I”m learning new things and that’s what we will be writing about.

For now, this will be my second introduction. Like most people in this world, just trying to make sense of the world. So, I’m back to being public again and polishing my site.

Thank you for reading.